A short spell working as a 3D consultant for a Deep bore oil drilling company in Gloucestershire, the MD of 3D Systems UK (Andrew Chantrill) visiting, spotted Jan Andrzejewski working at a 3D terminal there and insisted that he spoke to him.
That was the moment a move back to Leicestershire (Nov. 1995) happened and 14 years of PERA R&D projects in Time Compression Technologies began. With several world class applications in 3D Printing.
A special medical Project with EOS had to sift 3 tonnes of powder to use one tonne of finer powder, this was the very first time that a 50 micron layer build was used.
Converting a laser drilling machine to a hybrid multi metal powder additive and subtractive system was also ahead of its time.

World Class 3D Printing R&D Projects!

From large corporations to small to medium enterprises all used the latest technology to pursue advancements to new product development.
People who can help to complete this part of history would come from companies like Benetton F1 (Gearbox & Steering wheel), Keegan Partnership (Kevins Head), BAe (Nosecone Radar), EOS (Hipped HIPPS), Flowtek (Textured Coatings),  AGI Media packaging(Star Trek DVD box set case), Flogas (Gas Guard) & Projects that developed SLA Cryogenic blasting nozzle, SLA white and dark chocolate mixing nozzle & MJ Technologies THETA Laser Cladding Machine (3D Metal powder printing),  .....
Matt Murphy (now at Liverpool University) and Ben Halford (Now MD of Surface Generation)

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