Systems List

Cubital Ltd, Solid Ground Curing, Solider 5600 (1986) Israel.

3DSystems, SLA 1 (1987).

DTM, SLS (27th February 1989).

Stratasys, FDM (1989).

EOS GmbH, Electro Optical Systems (1989)Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

Helisys Inc. (now Cubic Technologies), LOM (Laminated Object Manufacturing - paper, plastic & metal)

Sanders Prototype Inc. (then Solidscape Inc. now Stratasys), Wax printer.

1993 Sparx (Sweden)

BPM Technology Inc. (1995) Personal Modeller nozzle jetting known as Ballistic Particle Manufacturing.

EnvisionTEC, DLP (1999 - Digital Light Processing)

Objet Geometries Limited, Polyjet, (now Stratasys)

Arcam AB, EBM (1997) Electron Beam powder Melting (1993) patent application filed.

 F & S Stereolithographietecnik Gmbh,   (Fockele & Schwartze)

MCP - HEK Tooling Gmbh.

Speed Part AB.

Z Corporation. (Licensee of MIT's 3DP process)

Voxeljet Technologies Gmbh

Generis Gmbh

Fcubic AB inkjet-based Stainless Steel production system of small parts (10 mm cube)

Microfabrica Inc.

Light Sculpting Inc. (DesCAF - Design Controlled Automatic Fabrication) Fist Beta system installed in 1998, photomasking techniques.

Kira Corporation, (PLT) Paper Layer Technology is similar to the LOM but uses knife instead of laser to cut out profiles and support removal.

Mcor Technologies, Their Matrix machine uses selective adhesion of paper layers and knife cuts. Similar to Kira PLT technology but at a much lower cost.

Solidimensions, laminations of PVC plastic.

CIRTES, Stratoconception, layers of thick metal sheets machined and mechanically bonded together.

XJET, Carmel 1400 Nanoparticle ceramic and metal 3D printer.